Masterbuilt Smoker Err 1

Masterbuilt Smoker Err 1ERR1 SHOWS ON DISPLAY. Considering I had 3 of these things sent to me from masterbuilt in the span of 4 months you should be grateful it works at all. The Masterbuilt smoker error code EAA1 indicates that your smoker is too cold. Screening among the remaining 478 patients yielded 15 (2. The most probable reason is the connectors to the heating element disintegrated. The rest of the unit is made from sturdy black plastic, and the smoker is mounted on two. Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 1 When the temperature probe isn’t fully plugged in, you will notice the Masterbuilt smoker error code Err 1 flashing on your smoker display. 7 Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Temperature Problems [Easy Fixes] 1.